Paleolicious Pancakes

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1 1/2 c. blanched almond flour

1/2 c. Jeb Foods Cassava Flour

1/2 c. ground flax meal

1/4 c. arrowroot flour

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cream of tartar

1tbs vanilla extract

4 dashes of cinnamon (optional)

2 tbs of maple syrup (optional)

2 eggs

1.5 cups of water or milk or milk alternative of choice.  Add 1/2 cup more of water if batter is too thick.  Batter should pour easily.  

Heat greased griddle to 350 or pan with oil of your choice.

Add all ingredients to mixing bowl and whisk until smooth and blended.  

Pour approx 4 in size pancakes on griddle or pan.  Should be able to fit 6 pancakes on a standard pancake griddle.  Add any extra ingredients of your choice to pancakes immediately (blueberries, chocolate chips, nuts, apple etc)

Flip pancake when the bottom is golden and slides onto spatula very easily (approx 3 min on each side). You may need to add more liquid of your choice to the batter if it starts to thicken as it sits

Makes 18 to 21 pancakes.


* Store leftover pancakes in the fridge in an airtight container

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