Paleo Fried Chicken Recipe

Compliments Of Paleolicious Bread Co


1 lb of skinless boneless chicken thighs/ sliced in 3 quarters
¾ cup Jeb Food’s Cassava Flour
¼ cup of blanched almond flour
1 egg
2 tsp sea salt
1tsp onion powder
¼ tsp pepper
½ cup of oil for frying (light olive, avocado or refined coconut)


In a large bowl, combine the cassava flour, coconut flour, salt, and spices. In a small bowl,
whisk your egg. For this recipe, you will be coating the chicken in the egg, then grain free
flour/spice mixture, and then pan frying.
1. Heat a large, heavy skillet over medium-high heat and add your cooking fat of
2. Test the oil by dropping in a tiny bit of the breading to see if it sizzles. Adjust
your heat accordingly.
3. Begin to dredge each chicken tenderloin in the whisked egg, followed by the
flour mixture. Shake off excess and add to the skillet, repeat until the skillet is
filled up
4. Cook on one side until golden brown and crisp, then carefully turn each one
over to cook the second side. Add more cooking fat if necessary, and adjust the
heat either up or down for even browning.
5. Once both sides are evenly golden brown and the middle is cooked through,
transfer the chicken tenders to a baking sheet lined with paper towel to drain
excess oil.
6. Repeat the process for the remaining chicken tenders, adding more oil and
adjusting heat if necessary.
7. Serve hot with your favorite dip. Enjoy! Leftovers can be stored in the
refrigerator for up to 3 days, and reheated in the oven to retain the crispy

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