Welcome to Jeb Foods!

Growing up in the mid-western part of Nigeria, a country in West Africa, I had access to fresh fruits and vegetables, naturally grown and tropical foods. At home, our meals were prepared using many ingredients, spices and seasonings we got from our yard or the local market. I was blissfully unaware that food could be genetically modified. On moving to the US, I missed a lot of the foods I was raised on, when they were available, they were expensive or canned.


This created a desire and passion in me to have my community have access to affordable, naturally grown, good quality foods as I did growing up, and to introduce many of the flavorful meals I was raised eating, across cultures.


Jeb Foods is my passion and desire to provide healthy, affordable foods with ingredients that are grown naturally. Many of our products contain a single ingredient.


As a professional with over a decade experience in the drug development industry primarily in cancer treatment medicines, I have learned that though many of the ailments we develop medicines for maybe due to genetics, our lifestyle and the foods we eat plays an important role in the quality of life we live. Many ailments can be prevented and/or managed by changing our diet. This is why Jeb Foods was born.