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Created to Support Women & Special Needs Orphans in Africa


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Cassava Flour

Who We Are!

Growing up in the mid-western part of Nigeria, a country in West Africa, I always had access to fresh naturally grown healthy foods.

 I honestly thought the whole world lived next door to good bountiful farms. I was even unaware that food could be genetically modified.
On moving to the United States of America, I discovered the harsh truth about the food system here. So, I set about making sure Americans got access to exactly the same fresh naturally grown healthy foods I was lucky to have in West Africa.
One such food is Cassava Flour

Jeb Foods is my passion and desire to provide healthy, affordable foods with ingredients that are grown naturally.

Our Mission

The mission of Jeb Foods is three-fold: we want to provide incredible, affordable, and naturally grown foods to those who are in search of better flavor — but we want to do it while helping those who need it most.

Save All Africa Kids, or SAAK, is our non-profit organization that helps orphaned children in Africa. We address the needs of the kids when they can’t be met by their environment as-is. Those children with special needs require clothing, medical supplies, and food — all of which we are happy to provide.

Helping to empower local women by offering them skills training and employment which in turn allow them to support their families needs.


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Local Bini Women Hand Peeling Cassava Tuber

Of course, we also believe in providing the best possible products to our customers. We offer healthy, affordable food with all-natural ingredients. Many of our products contain a single ingredient. No matter which of our foods you choose, you’ll never need to go without flavorful and nutritious meals again.

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When you buy from Jeb Foods, you aren’t just purchasing healthy, all natural food products from Africa. Instead, you’re providing a better way of life for these kids. We also employ women in Africa in order to help them make enough income to support their families and perfect their skills.

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